Paul Wotowic is one special breed of cat

Published on November 14, 2022

“Paul Wotowic is one special breed of cat. I was referred to him and two other plastic surgeons in the area for a cosmetic consultation regarding the shape and hump of my nose. The two other plastic surgeons were quick to sign me up for the knife on the first visit. They told me it would be a quick operation to chisel off the hump and they could do it in their office operating room. I felt a bit hurried and decided to see Dr. Wotowic.

When I met with him, he asked me about my ethnicity (Jewish/Middle Eastern) and was the only one to ask me about my breathing or prior trauma to my nose (age 22 – water polo). He explained in detail that my hump was not that severe and was a combination of bone and cartilage, which he showed me in a rather worn anatomy book.

He then explained how reducing the hump was only one part of what he thought I needed. He also recommended lifting the tip a small amount (my father’s tip is pointed down) and narrowing the tip a very small amount … three small surgical maneuvers rather than a large cutting off of the hump.

This next part is what shocked me. I was ready to sign up right there for the procedure, but he insisted that I go home, discuss it with my family and then come back and ask any questions I might have. No hard sell. No pushy sales job. I did have questions and although I had to wait a bit for my surgery, I was thoroughly prepared for every aspect of the procedure.

The results exceeded my expectations and resulted in a refined, masculine nose that is true to my ethnic makeup. Dr. Wotowic is a direct, focused, intellectually honest man with gifted hands and an artist’s judgment and skill. I really appreciate and value his type of clinical skill sets (five stars plus).”


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