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We were all elated with the result

Published on November 14, 2022

“For the longest time my husband and I were undecided about having our son’s ears corrected. Ry was an active little boy developing normally in all areas, but had always been plagued by floppy and protruding ears. Initially, he seemed to accept other kids’ occasional ridicule in good spirits, but then we both noticed that he was making conscious efforts to hide his ears by demanding his hair be kept long. When the subject came up at a family gathering, my mother in law, a retired John Muir operating room nurse suggested we see a plastic surgeon and specifically recommended Dr. Wotowic whom she had worked with previously.

I made an appointment for my son. My mother in law and I accompanied him. Dr. Wotowic listened attentively and let my son, age 6, tell him what bothered him about his ears. During the examination and the explanation, Dr. Wotowic always spoke to my son all the while knowingly explaining to all of us about the condition, the affected anatomy, and the necessary operation he would do to reshape critical segments of the ears to make them normal in shape, appearance, and symmetry. He spoke about and drew by hand very detailed anatomy and yet did it in a way that we could all easily comprehend. He spoke to Ry about the operation and discussed the post-operative care and pain management in a very reassuring, calm, and confident manner that left my son eager to proceed. The operation came about perfectly as expected by all of us. My son understood there would be some discomfort, but as Dr. Wotowic explained it was all minimal and did just as he had told us.

When the dressing came off one week later, all of us were present when Ry held up a mirror and smiled “ear to ear.” The result was perfect in shape, contour, and symmetry. We were all elated with the result. Dr. Wotowic not only performed a masterful operation, but was flawless in his dialogue and rapport with my son and our family. His technical ability is complimented greatly by his calm, confident, and reassuring demeanor, which my son and all of us greatly appreciated.”


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