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Pediatric & Congenital Corrective Surgery

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Pediatric and congenital corrective surgery is performed to restore critical functions. Its ultimate goal is to address congenital anomalies to improve appearance, function, and form. These corrective surgeries can be performed for kids and for adults still suffering from conditions and deformities they were born with. If you need congenital problems corrected, consider pediatric and congenital corrective surgery in San Ramon.

Congenital Deformities of the Ear

Ear surgery can treat ear deformities, including visibly misshapen ears, prominent ears, and Stahl’s Ear. It provides a balanced, symmetrical, and pleasing appearance of the ears without obviously appearing pinned back. Reconstructive ear surgeries can be done without creating noticeable scars, thanks to having incisions placed only in inconspicuous areas behind the ears.

Pediatric congenital ear deformity surgery aims to give you an ear shape that looks more natural so that it does not draw unwanted attention. It treats prominent ears to improve their proportion, position, or shape. It can address unusually large ears by using sutures to change the shape of the ears and pin them back into place.

Cleft Lip & Cleft Palate

Pediatric & Congenital Corrective Surgery San RamonA cleft lip or cleft palate affects the orofacial region. Corrective surgery usually addresses the cleft lip first to create lip symmetry while giving the upper teeth room to develop.

A cleft lip surgery is performed to close the gap in the lip and improve how the nose and upper lip look. It involves making incisions on both sides of the cleft to create flaps of skin that can be stitched together using dissolvable sutures. The surgery requires general anesthesia and usually takes two hours or less.

A cleft palate surgery is done to fix the opening in the mouth’s roof by fixing tissue layers. These tissues are adjusted, and stitches are used to combine both sides of the cleft.

A cleft lip and cleft palate corrective surgery helps the mouth and lips function correctly. It reduces the risk of other health problems, such as trouble eating, swallowing, and sucking; fluid buildup behind the eardrum; and ear infections. Other benefits include reducing the risk of speech delays, hearing loss, fluid from the nose, and dental problems.

Congenital Deformities of the Extremities

Congenital deformities of the limbs may include deformities of the forearm, shoulder, hand, and chest wall. Corrective surgeries addressing these deformities may involve releasing joints that have grown extremely tight, extending the length of extremely short tendons, and helping bones grow straighter.

Limb reconstruction surgeries may involve straightening bent bones and keeping them in place to help them heal in the proper position, growing new bones, and extending extremely short bones. Limb lengthening may be the most popular corrective surgery for the extremities, which promotes improved proportions and a more balanced walk and gait.

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