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Reconstructive Facial, Head & Neck Procedures

Deformities of the face, head, and neck can occur following trauma, cancer excision, burns, or as a result of prior surgery. While functional deficits of movement, swallowing, speech, and facial expression are always prioritized, an aesthetically balanced and pleasing appearance is always part of the surgical plan.

Techniques used in cosmetic or aesthetic plastic surgery are often used in conjunction with reconstructive flaps and grafts. In complicated aesthetic areas, such as the eyelids, nose, forehead, brow, ear, and mouth, the principal of aesthetic units is applied to the affected area and a surgical plan, often staged, is outlined so as to achieve function, form, symmetry, and natural balance.

Facial, head, and neck deformities can often be the most challenging cases in plastic surgery and demand a well thought out surgical plan that is deftly executed and managed conscientiously in the post-operative period.


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