Frozan Safiari, Licensed Aesthetician

Indulgence Cosmeticsfrozan Indulgence CosmeticsFrozan has been involved in the aesthetic industry for over twenty years. She established Art Des Visage, Inc in 2000 and established Indulgence Salon & Spa shortly thereafter. She attended Deloux Cosmetology School in Northern California and received additional training in advanced skin care procedures at the American Aesthetics Institute. She has been practicing clinical skin care and aesthetics ever since and is fully trained and experienced in all forms of skin care, including peels, facials, dermabrasion, and Ulthera ultrasound therapy. She is licensed in the State of California and maintains certificates of training in various areas of aesthetic skin care.

She works in a coordinated manner with Dr. Wotowic to develop a personal and individualized plan of treatment for initial and maintenance skin care. Attention is focused on restoring skin texture, hydration, and health while developing a skin care maintenance plan that fits a patient’s lifestyle and levels of activity.


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