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Reconstructive Nasal Procedures

Deformities of the nose merit separate discussion among facial abnormalities. The prominent position of the nose at the facial midline combined with the very specific areas of nostrils, the nasal bridge, the columella, nasal sill, and tip make deformities in this region particularly noticeable upon casual facial recognition. Minimal shifts of structure resulting from trauma, congenital deformity, or most commonly skin cancer excision (Mohs cancer excision for basal cell cancer) can be immediately recognized and very difficult to cover with makeup or other camouflage techniques.

Nasal reconstruction poses additional challenges as the function of breathing can be severely affected by strictures and deviations affecting the nostril or internal nasal structures.

The considerations of breathing and aesthetics makes nasal reconstruction a domain for an exact diagnosis and conscientious and careful execution of surgery.

These surgeries are usually performed under magnification as small variances in tissue mobilization and manipulation can have major affects in both appearance and breathing. Nasal surgery is, “the surgery of millimeters” where small changes can have major aesthetic consequences and functional effects.


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