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He was thorough beyond words

Published on November 14, 2022

“Like many professional 30-something women I was very self conscious about my breast size. It wasn’t that my breasts were absent, but the shape, contour, and fullness of the cup was deficient and one was larger than the other. I am very athletic, ride horses, and was a competitive swimmer in high school. I didn’t want to have anything that would interfere with my sports activities and, above all, I wanted a natural look, although I myself didn’t know what that was for me.

Many of my friends had had breast augmentation done with variable results by many different plastic surgeons. From talking to them and looking at some of them, I did know what I did NOT want. Some had very large implants that made them top heavy. Some had implants that projected above the bra even when they were not wearing a bra. Some had breasts that were hard and some had lost nipple sensation. All of these things I did not want. I was a bit confused and frightened at what could happen with this operation.

I was referred to Dr. Wotowic by a friend whose mother had breast reconstruction done by him and was very pleased because her reconstructed breast looked and felt better than the breast she had before her surgery. I decided to consult with him and two other plastic surgeons.

Dr. Wotowic’s approach was very different than my other consultations. He spent a significant amount of time asking me about my activity, lifestyle, occupation, and asked about the type of clothes that I wear at the office and at leisure. He emphasized the importance that a natural look and feel is a paramount goal in breast augmentation and that shape and contour were far more important than the absolute size of the implant.

Before examining my chest, he made note of my height, waist, hip, and buttock contour so as to balance the breast augmentation with my waist and hip profile. His office staff greatly assisted in different fitting trials wearing different tops and jackets that I wear at work. All of this assessment was very helpful and critical to my understanding and selection of implant size. The procedure was explained in anatomical detail with models and hand drawn pictures and all issues regarding nipple sensitivity and the differences in my breast size were outlined in exacting detail.

He was thorough beyond words, confident and detailed in his explanation, and answered all of my questions completely. The operation proceeded exactly as he outlined and planned and I am ecstatic with the results. My office suits allow my breasts to project with balanced cleavage despite their previous difference in size and there is no large bulge in the upper part of my breast when I wear casual clothes. My breasts project in perfect balance with my buttock and when I wear heels, I project a tall yet curvaceous silhouette.

Dr. Wotowic helped me understand and achieve exactly what I wanted … a balanced profile with symmetrical breasts that are soft, sensitive, and above all natural.”


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